Born in New York, raised on Long Island, Lisa Berley began her art education at Carnegie Mellon University and moved to the West Coast where she received her BFA in painting and photography from The San Francisco Art Institute.

Planting roots for over a decade in the Bay Area she was introduced to digital imagery as Art Director of the national award-winning PBS TV show, "Over Easy", starring Hugh Downs. The groundbreaking show was the first in television to incorporate computer graphics and animation. 

During the 1980's, Silicon Valley and CGI was exploding and so was her work in the medium. Berley began integrating painting, photography, and moving images in a seamless way. Becoming fluent in CGI, she began making computer generated art, participating in group shows with other artists in the Bay Area.

As the artist-in-residence for Aurora Systems, a pioneer in the field of videographics and animation, Berley advanced this new medium and influenced how the computer programmers conceived tools for graphic designers and artists, instantaneously processing digital elements and animating them in real-time. This method of blending images strongly influences the work to this day. 

Returning to New York City she produced CGI and SFX for television receiving two industry Telly Awards for on-air work.

While raising a family outside New York City, Berley wrote a blog for two years lamenting life in the suburbs. She has been exhibiting two dimensional works on paper in mixed media/collage and photography on Long Island with a one woman show in upstate New York. A primary focus for the last decade has been creating abstract images by reconstructing existing structures both natural and man-made.   

Carnegie Mellon University
Tyler School of Art 
B.F.A., San Francisco Art Institute  
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